Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fabrication Of the Already Existed

My latest shopping spree in charity shops resulted in me purchasing some beautiful Dollies at a very low cost, a bargain i couldn't refuse after working with my Poundland Dollies.

A Tonne Of Trim

After a trip to college to see my old tutor Vicky Cull, i picked up a Tonne of Trim that she very kindly let me use for the costume i have been planning to make. I wanted to inject a bit of Royalty back into Middlesex University, bringing life some of my drawings and collages. Carly Scott a fellow student took some brilliant photos for me which I currently working on in my sketchbook. I plan to make more costumes for the final exhibition just after Easter.


After visiting the National Gallery and Tate Britain for the millionth i fancied creating some images from the traditional portrait painters such as Marcus Gheeraerts and William Hogarth. I find these painting fascinating, the time put into creating these masterpieces is incredible, and as if i was mocking their work, i take little over half an hour creating these little icons. But the thought of bringing back these painters back to life is exciting.

Projected Cirlces