Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fabrication Of the Already Existed

My latest shopping spree in charity shops resulted in me purchasing some beautiful Dollies at a very low cost, a bargain i couldn't refuse after working with my Poundland Dollies.

A Tonne Of Trim

After a trip to college to see my old tutor Vicky Cull, i picked up a Tonne of Trim that she very kindly let me use for the costume i have been planning to make. I wanted to inject a bit of Royalty back into Middlesex University, bringing life some of my drawings and collages. Carly Scott a fellow student took some brilliant photos for me which I currently working on in my sketchbook. I plan to make more costumes for the final exhibition just after Easter.


After visiting the National Gallery and Tate Britain for the millionth i fancied creating some images from the traditional portrait painters such as Marcus Gheeraerts and William Hogarth. I find these painting fascinating, the time put into creating these masterpieces is incredible, and as if i was mocking their work, i take little over half an hour creating these little icons. But the thought of bringing back these painters back to life is exciting.

Projected Cirlces

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Reminiscing with Rembrandt

I'm finally now getting into my stride with ideas and creations of work. Been at Uni for a few months and after 3 strand sessions, i was eager to get back onto my own work, from my own and newly found influences. I have been making alot of collage work, but 2D based. I'm hoping to move into a more 3-Dimensional, paintly based work, but still carrying the ideas from this work forward. I seem to have too many ideas in my head alot of the time, and i am unable to process them, so blogging my thoughts may help develop the ideas, alongside my work.

I have also been talking to Ingram Roeder, another student from my course, he's work is collaged based, but in a video form. I am excited to collaborate with him, and merge our ideas and medias together.