Thursday, 20 January 2011

Reminiscing with Rembrandt

I'm finally now getting into my stride with ideas and creations of work. Been at Uni for a few months and after 3 strand sessions, i was eager to get back onto my own work, from my own and newly found influences. I have been making alot of collage work, but 2D based. I'm hoping to move into a more 3-Dimensional, paintly based work, but still carrying the ideas from this work forward. I seem to have too many ideas in my head alot of the time, and i am unable to process them, so blogging my thoughts may help develop the ideas, alongside my work.

I have also been talking to Ingram Roeder, another student from my course, he's work is collaged based, but in a video form. I am excited to collaborate with him, and merge our ideas and medias together.

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